More Weird, Wacky Veggies

Last week we explored some unusual vegetables – these weren’t your normal peas and carrots.

Today, let’s discover some more unique food. Who knows? You may just want to load up your dinner plate with these weird, wacky veggies.

Fiddleheads Are Fun!


The name is as kooky as the veggie. A Fiddlehead is the undeveloped fronds or leaves of a fern. These curly veggies need to be picked before they unfurl. This is when they are still young and in a curly-cue shape.

The Fiddlehead got its name from the curl on the end of an instrument, such as a violin. However, these veggies do not create music, but they do create a yummy dish.

These green characters can be eaten boiled, steamed or sauteed. Many cultures enjoy the taste of these veggies, which can be a bit on the bitter side. Plus, they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Some fern Fiddleheads can be toxic if eaten, so you must know the varieties that are safe before consuming them.  

Are you brave enough to try a (non-toxic) Fiddlehead?

Okra…Lady Fingers?

download (1)

Did you know Okra is in the same family as cotton and cocoa?  

This species is under one family of plants called mallow. Orka grows in warm tropical regions all around the world, although no one is quite sure where it originated. Some say it could have been, Southern Asia, Ethiopia or even Africa.

Regardless of where it came from, Okra is a favorite vegetable today. It grows on green leafy plants that can reach 6.4 feet tall. The Okra plant also has flowers, but it is the green seed pods that make Okra what it is.

This weird pod is also known as a Lady Finger because it resembles the finger of a lady. Orka is also high in vitamins and minerals and can be cooked whole or by slicing the pods. The seeds of the Okra can be pressed for cooking oils.

The Okra plant also produces a slime or goo, so some people cook it in a soup to get rid of this sticky substance.  

Are you brave enough to try Okra?

Tiger Nuts Are Not Nuts


Despite their name, Tiger Nuts are not a nut but rather a tuber. They grow underground and have long thin leaves on top of the soil. They grow mostly in the tropical regions and are viewed as weeds in some places.

They come in three varieties; black, brown and yellow.  

The yellow and brown tiger nuts are common in Nigeria. They can be eaten fresh, dried, roasted or be processed into flour or even milk.

These “nuts” are high in vitamins and minerals. Plus, they are an excellent source of protein and are great for upset tummies. Also Tiger Nuts help your heart stay strong and calms stressed nerves.

Since this vegetable is tough, they will need to be soaked and dried before eating.  However, they do have a nutty and slightly sweet flavor.

Are you brave enough to try tiger nuts?

Have You Eaten Your Veggies Today?

Whether it be these odd vegetables or the more ordinary varieties, we need to eat greens every day. Veggies help keep us healthy, give us energy, and some even taste really delicious.

So crunch on a carrot, boil up a beet, or pick a pepper (just don’t pass on the peas), ’cause these  veggies do the body good!

Come back next week to see the rest of our weird, wacky veggie series.


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