Fun With Food Sundays – Canada Day Pops


Today isn’t only Fun With Food Sunday, it’s also Canada’s Birthday. In honor of our Canuck friends, we have a tasty treat inspired by the Canadian flag.

Check out Canada Day Pops!

What You Need

  • 1 pkg of raspberry or strawberry gelatin
  • 18 Large marshmallows
  • 1 plastic baggie
  • 6 wooden (or plastic) skewers or lollipop sticks
  • 1 cup of water in a “dunkable” container


Step #1 – Pour the gelatin into a plastic baggie.

Step #2 – Measure water (doesn’t have to be exact) into a container suitable for dunking your marshmallows.

Step #3 – Take a marshmallow and dunk it into the water. Shake off the excess.

Note: Do NOT soak the marshmallow, just get it wet enough for the gelatin to stick.

Step #4 – Put the marshmallow in the baggie holding the gelatin.

Step #5 – Give it a good shake until the marshmallow is well-coated. Set aside.

Step #6 – Repeat step #5 until you have 12 coated marshmallows.

Step #7 – Use your skewer and build your Canadian Flag – 1 red marshmallow, 1 white marshmallow, 1 red marshmallow.

Store these in zipper bags to keep them fresh!

Enjoy your sweet Canada Day treat!

Fun With Food Facts Feature – Canada

animated-canada-image-0005Did you know?

  • Canada got its flag 100 years after it became a country. The date was February 15th, 1965.
  • “Eh” is a valid word in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary.
  • In Nanaimo British Columbia, people race bathtubs as part of an annual aquatic tradition.
  • Ogopogo is a mythical monster (similar to the Loch Ness) that supposedly lives in Lake Okanagan, BC.
  • Canada consumes more mac n’ cheese than any other country in the world!

Be sure to come back next week for another Fun With Food recipe. You can also check out our past recipes – they’re delicious!



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