WOW Us Contest Winner – Emma G.


Emma wow’ed us with this amazing fact;

Did you know that the body weight of a sunfish increases 60 million times in its lifetime?

This should “Wow You” because that would get extremely heavy. At that rate, a human would grow to weigh as much as four Titanic cruise ships. You wouldn’t be able to move and you would probably die really fast from all that weight and fat.

More Fun Facts About the Sunfish

b88938891z1_20170824151821_000gv4on9i72-0-vl0ye4qfaxh4hpnyso2_fct2012x1494x555_ct677x380Did You Know?

  • The Sunfish is also called the “Mola”
  • This sea creature is famous for being the biggest bony fish in the world
  • The average weight of the Sunfish is 2,200 pounds. However, some have reached weights up to 5,000 pounds!
  • These fish look strange as they have one large fin on top of their bodies and one large fin on the bottom. They also have two small side fins.
  • The Sunfish can measure 10 feet wide and 14 feet up-and-down.
  • The female Sunfish can lay up to 300 eggs at one time.
  • Even though this creature is very large, it can still leap out of the water. Some have even landed in boats.
  • Sunfish have teeth they use to crunch up their favorite food of fish, squid, zoo plankton, jellyfish, and crustaceans.

Isn’t the Sunfish fascinating?

Thank you, Emma, for introducing us to this cool critter!


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