Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – A Superhero Mom

A Story by Timothy

My name is Timothy (some call me Isaiah by my middle name). I am 10 years-old and I have a mild case of Ashburguhers, but I have a gift like my momma when it comes to writing.

animated-superman-image-0006I think superheros are cool because they do unique things such as catch you when you least expect it. For example, you start to fall out of a swing (cause you were swinging too high) as you almost hit the ground, your heart starts to race, but before you know it, they catch you in their arms. They save you!

It doesn’t matter how old they become, their bones have density – they flip, flop, turn backwards – they do whatever it takes to save you, and the world, so it’s a safer place.

My superhero (number one) is my mom who helps me, and cares for me. She understands me better than anyone.

Fun Fact – Just because someone has Autisum or Ashburguhers does not make us any different – that’s enough to make anyone go “Wow!”

animated-batman-image-0007I love superheros, such as Superman, Batman, and so forth, but I thank God for the real ones around me (not just on tv), but the real ones like my mom and dad, my sisters, and brothers, and those that go out of their way daily to take the time to be there for me.

My mom has always been there to protect and care for me night and day!

She’s a TRUE superhero!

Do you have a story, poem, or drawing you want to show off? Send it to us and you could be featured on our Show Us Your Stuff Saturdays.




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