It’s the Pteranodon!

What has a kite-like body, a massive crest on its head, and a streamlined beak?

It’s the Pteranodon!

Even though this “winged monster” once lived way back in the Late Cretaceous period, it is not a dinosaur. The Pteranodon (pronounced ter-AN-o-DON) is scientifically known as a pterosaur, a type of flying reptile.

Let’s discover more about this astounding beast.

Did you know?

  • animated-dinosaur-image-0035The Pteranodon had a wingspan between 25 and 33 feet!
  • It used its spear-like beak and head to dive into the water and scoop up fish.
  • This creature once lived in what is now known as North America
  • It stood about 6 feet tall and weighed around 50 pounds!
  • It is not known if the Pteranodon flew under its own power or used tall cliffs to soar off of.
  • Its name means “winged and toothless.”

The Pteranodon is one cool creature!

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