It’s the Baryonyx!

What lived 130 million years ago, ate fish, and walked on two legs?

It’s the Baryonyx!

Pronounced bare-ee-ON-iks, this dinosaur was first discovered in Southern England by an amateur fossil hunter named of William J. Walker.

Let’s explore some more fun facts about this incredible creature.

Did you know?

The Baryonyx had a huge curved claw on each hand. These claws measured over 12 inches long!

Its name means “Heavy Claw.”

This dino weighed around two tons and measured in at 31 feet long. It also stood nine feet tall.

142_baryonyx_melissa_yoBaryonyx was the first fishing dinosaur ever discovered. Although, it may have dined on smaller dinosaurs, and the left-overs of other prey, too.

Scientists believe the Baryonyx may have fished the same way grizzly bears snatch salmon from the river.

This dino also had two tiny arms, a small crest on its snout, and a crocodile-like jaw that held over 95 saw-like teeth.

The neck of the Baryonyx was straight which is unusual among meat-eating dinosaurs who usually have s-shaped necks.

Isn’t the Baryonyx one cool creature? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.


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