Happy Book Lovers Day

There’s nothing quite like a good book.

Whether it’s an adventurous story that keeps us up late at night or finding new and exciting facts about the world we live in – books are always there for us!

In honor of Book Lovers Day, we’ve “turned the pages” and have found some weirdly interesting facts about the book.

Read on to be amazed…

Did you know?

There are over 129 million books in existence today.

animated-bookworm-image-0002If you love to read, you may be referred to as a “bookworm.”

The most expensive book ever purchased was a copy of Codex Leicester by Leonardo Da Vinci. It sold for 30.8 million dollars.

Do you love the smell of old books? Then you have “Bibliosmia.”

The longest sentence in a book contains 82.3 words.

Alice in Wonderland is based on a real girl. Her name was Alice Liddell, and her family was close friends with the author, Lewis Carroll.

The first book written using a typewriter was the “Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

President Roosevelt read one book every day.

animated-harry-potter-image-0033Harry Potter is one of the most read books in the world.

One in five adults cannot read or write so pay attention in school!

People who live in Iceland read more books than anyone else on the planet.

What’s your favorite book? Tell us about it in the comments section.

Have a Happy Book Lovers Day!

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