Arlo, Mrs Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo = A Dinorrific Read!

The class of 4X is every teacher’s nightmare.

Ms. Weeble (the snarly head teacher of Purple Hill Primary) is fed up with the unruly bunch and has assured the class;

“If I don’t see an improvement in your behavior by the end of term, then there will be no end-of-year party.”

Arlo and his friends really wanted that party – there were an inflatable disco bounce and sweets that turned your tongue blue!

Could the next substitute teacher calm these small “savages?” 0a48-e1526660929240

Arlo wondered how long the newbie would last. Especially after he met Mrs. Ogg – she had bones in her ears, and her dress was made from patches of fur!

However, her unconventional teaching methods were just the start of 4X’s lessons. When Mrs. Ogg takes the kids to a weird zoo, Arlo realizes it’s up to him to keep everyone in line – the end-of-year party was riding on it.

But writing notes in his journal and keeping a watchful eye on the class is not going to be an easy task – Dinos are Dangerous!

Will Arlo be able to keep the class safe? Will Mrs, Ogg help 4X finally get that party?

Find out in Arlo, Mrs. Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo!

Written by Alice Hemming, this early reader is filled with fun, adventure, and kid-friendly drama.

Know what else is cool?

The following facts on the Micropachycephalosaurus – pronounced micro-pachy-cephalo-saurus – it’s in the book.

Did you know?

  • This dino has the longest name. It means “tiny thick-headed lizard.”micropachykyoht-56a252d55f9b58b7d0c90ba3
  • It was a herbivore – only ate veggies
  • The Micropachycephalosaurus is the smallest dino ever discovered. It measured just over 3.3 feet long and weighed from 5 to 10 pounds.
  • It is thought to have walked on its hind legs.
  • This dino lived in the woodlands of Asia.

Want your own copy of Arlo, Mrs Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo? Click here!



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11 replies

  1. I have read some reviews about this book
    It’s very interesting.
    twisting-turning plot, lots of fun with good illustrations
    Children’s Author, Alice Hemming she had lot of books.
    Guess that it’s certainly be great book
    My girl must love this book beacause she is dinosaur mania


  2. Very engaging storyline for any curious little reader. The illustration on the cover itself would draw any child’s attention.


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