It’s World Mosquito Day!

It may seem weird to have a whole day dedicated to this blood-sucking pest. However, World Mosquito Day has been recognized since 1897. This was when Sir Ronald Ross discovered the link between mosquitoes and malaria (a disease).

Even though these pesky bugs can make us twitch and itch, let’s put aside the heebie-jeebies to discover some fascinating facts about the mosquito. After all, it IS their day!

Did you know?

  • There are 170 different species of mosquitoes in North America alone.
  • Mosquitoes can go from the egg stage to adult in 10 to 14 days.
  • The female mosquito is the one that does all the blood-sucking. She needs the animated-midget-image-0006protein (in the blood) to reproduce.
  • To say you were “bitten” by a mosquito is wrong. This insect actually pierces the skin then sucks up the blood using its long tongue.
  • Mosquitoes are the busiest at night. They can travel up to 14 miles for a blood meal.
  • How does the mosquito find a food source? By detecting body heat and the gas, we breathe out known as Carbon Dioxide.
  • The female likes to breed in stagnant water sources like ponds, kiddie pools, and birdbaths.
  • A 46 million-year-old mosquito was found with a belly full of blood. Researchers believe this female insect had a meal then was blow into a lake and sank. She is preserved in a paper-thin piece of shale.

Who knew this insect was so fascinating? Even if they make us itchy, the mosquito has “fed” us some cool facts!

Tell us what you think of the mosquito in the comments section. We’re “itching” to hear from you.


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