The Reptile Club – Fun for Everyone!

Rory’s new school had a lot of clubs.

39871978_10214122496829752_989216627096551424_nThere was the Prancing Unicorn Club.

The Extra Math Homework Club.

And even a Knitting Club.

But none of these were quite right for Rory.

“Why don’t you start your own club?” suggested his mom.

“Make it about something you love,” advised his dad.

39786089_10214122496909754_5455398228801355776_nRory loved a few things dearly, but none quite as much as reptiles!

As he plasters the flyers to his new adventure around the school, Rory soon realizes starting a new club isn’t always easy – especially when nobody shows up!

…that is no HUMANS show up.

Rory’s guests may not be conventional, but they certainly are interesting.

Raoul can sweat through his mouth.

39739860_10214122496069733_5714969254554501120_nMiriam can swallow people whole!

And Pierre? Well, he has to lick his eyeballs to keep them clean!

What will the other kids think of Rory’s new friends?

Find out in “The Reptile Club” by Maureen Fergus.

This picture book isn’t only educational, but it’s engaging, fun and humorous. Your kids will love the lively illustrations by Elina Ellis just as much as the reptilian adventure that awaits them on every page.

Know what else is cool? These fun facts on reptiles!

Did you know?

  • Nearly all reptiles are cold-blooded. This means they need the sun (or another heat source) to keep them warm.
  • Reptiles are found all over the world, except the Antarctic
  • The biggest reptile is the Saltwater Crocodile. This beast can grow up to 12.5 feet long. It can weigh 2,000 pounds!
  • The smallest reptile is the Mini Chameleon. This tiny fella only reaches just over one inch long.
  • Some crocodiles will swallow rocks, so they can dive deeper.

Want your own copy of The Reptile Club?  Check out Kids Can Press!


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