Design Your Own Dino – 2nd Place Winner – Picassosaurus!

Congratulations Jill W. – Age 13

What inspired us to choose the Picassosaurus for our 2nd place winner?

First off, a dino artist? That’s super unique!

In Jill’s own words;

animated-paint-image-0011“Picassosaurus is a very artistic dinosaur. He loves painting different dinosaurs and also loves making messes.”

He paints pictures of other dinosaurs?! 

That’s really cool!

Here’s some more fun facts about the Picassosaurus;

  • He started painting pictures when he was just two years-old
  • Picassosaurus loves to make messes, but he also hates to clean them up!
  • This artist dino paints pictures using both his hands and mouth
  • Sometimes Picassosaurus will paint pictures of trees, animals, and rocks!
  • When this dino isn’t busy making art, he likes to snooze and eat cheese!

Thank you Jill for discovering the Picassosaurus!




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