Design Your Own Dino – 3rd Place Winner – The DinoBerry

Congratulations Jolene W. – Age 10

What inspired us to choose DinoBerry as our third place winner?

First off, DinoBerry is pink! Who has ever seen a pink dinosaur?

In Jolene’s own words;

“From far away you might get confused and think she’s a berry bush. When you see her up close she is the sweetest dino you will ever meet. The DinoBerry is a herbivore. It evolved eating lots of berries. That’s why her skin turned into different berry shades.”

She eats BERRIES!!! That’s berry-tastic!

Here’s some more fun facts about the DinoBerry:

  • This dinosaur used to have ridged plates on her back. But she loves berries so animated-fruit-image-0008much, they change to hearts.
  • DinoBerry’s favorite fruit is the “Hairoberry.” This sweet purple berry is only found in Dino Land – but don’t worry, us humans would think its pretty yucky – it has wiggly hairs on it!
  • This dinosaur is really big. She weighs 4 tons and needs to eat 600 pounds of berries each day!
  • When DinoBerry isn’t eating, she loves to sleep in a meadow of Hairoberry trees.
  • You may not know this about DinoBerry, but she has the sweetest singing voice of all the dinosaurs!

Thank you Jolene for discovering the DinoBerry!





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