Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – Playful Paper Puppets

By Jade E. – Age 7

These playful paper puppets are not only cute, they are super fun!

Know what else is fun? These fascinating facts on puppets.

Did you know?

  • There are many different types of puppets. The most common ones are the hand puppet, the rod puppet, the shadow puppet, the finger puppet, the ventriloquist “dummy,” and the marionette (controlled by strings).


    A marionette

  • Bunraku Puppets were created in Japan thousands of years ago. They are a type of wood-carved puppet.
  • Some wooden puppets, controlled by rods, were made to perform in a pool of water. These are called “water puppets.”
  • Sock puppets are created from (you guessed it) a sock. They are controlled by using your hand.

Want to make your very own sock puppet? Check out this how-to video.

If you want to make stick puppets, like the ones Jade has created, draw a picture, then paste it to a craft stick!

Thank you Jade for introducing us to the world of puppets!

Do you have a poem, drawing, craft project, or short story you’d like the world to see? Send it to us and you could be chosen for our Show Us Your Stuff Saturday feature!



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