Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – Autumn Poem

By Casandra L. – Age 10

I look out my window and what do I see?

A world of color surrounding me!

The leaves are dressed in Autumn splendor,

Beckoning me to remember…

Hot cocoa on a chilly day,

Friends outside are here to play.

The fresh crisp breeze tousles my hair,

As I run and jump without a care.

The shorter days when night falls fast,

Oh those Autumn days are here at last…


Thank you, Casandra, for sharing this Autumn time poem. It was awesome!

Know what else is awesome? These fun facts on Fall.

Did you know?

  • In the Autumn the leaves are actually showing us their “true colors.” This is because in the summer months the chlorophyll (which is how the leaves receive nourishment from the sun) takes over and causes them to turn green.
  • Along with chlorophyll, leaves contain two other chemicals that cause coloring. The first is called xanthophyll, which is yellow in color. The other is carotene, which is orange in color (also found in carrots).
  • When sugars are trapped in leaves, it causes them to change to purple or red.
  • Brown leaves are dead and are no longer getting any nutrients from the tree.

Do you have a special Autumn activity you like to do? Tell us about it in the comments section! If you’d like to submit your poem, short story, or drawing, click here for more details on how to do so.


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