Andy’s Dandy Day – Delightful & Inspiring!

It’s one of those “do whatever you want to do days.” But the trouble is, Andy had no clue what to do.

Would a trip down the path help this bored bunny make a plan? Maybe his woodland friends could help.

Mr. Moose suggested,

“Listen to the trees. They will almost always tell you what to do.”

Was this true, could there be a plan in Mr. Moose’s wisdom?

Mr. Beaver, who was dressed very snappy said, Andys_Dandy_Day_15

“Plan to have a good day.”

Mr. Gopher said,

“Come have a seat for a moment.”

Mr. Squirrel had a suggestion, but all that scurrying around collecting nuts wasn’t going Andys_Dandy_Day_18to help Andy make a plan. 

Finally, Andy finds Mr. Bear, a big fellow that likes to keep things simple.

“I just enjoy the day for what it is,” he said, with a smile.

Andy’s Dandy Day is a delightful book. It will take your children on a journey of imagination, while Andy searches for a plan that was in front of him the whole time…

Maybe the best plan is no plan at all!

Written and illustrated by David Medhurst, Andy’s Dandy’s Day is not only entertaining for both kids and adults, we can all learn a valuable lesson in Andy’s carefree adventure. 

The beautiful illustrations (also done by Medhurst) are bursting with movement and only add to the overall charm of this endearing tale.

Want to know what else is awesome? These fun facts on rabbits. 

Did you know? Andys_Dandy_Day_7

  • A boy rabbit (like Andy) is called a “buck.” A girl is a “doe.” 
  • A baby bunny is called a “kit or kitten.”
  • Rabbits are herbivores (they eat only plants)
  • Baby bunnies are born without any fur.
  • Just like Andy, rabbits can get easily bored, so they need something to do.

Would you like a copy of this extraordinary book? Check out Story Time Books.


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