What I Wish I Did On My Summer Vacation Winner!

Congratulations Irene J. – Age 5 

The Mermaid Birthday Party Surprise!

What inspired us to choose Irene’s Mermaid Birthday Party Surprise for our contest winner?

First of all having an under the sea B-day party with Mermaids is pretty awesome!

Irene says;

We are mermaid families living in the ocean. Other sea creatures come to celebrate her animated-mermaid-image-0020birthday. There are lots of clams on the bottom of the ocean, and they are trying to make a gigantic cake for her. The other sea friends are singing a song beautifully.

Big-Cloud-Men floating in the sky also join the party with the special tag written in ‘Happy Birthday’.

Happy Birthday Clouds?

That would be super-cool!

Thank you, Irene, for sharing your make-believe summer vacation with us. It is magical and mermificent!

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