Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – Arctic George

A Drawing By Allison L. – Age 11

This “cool” creature is pretty awesome!

Allison tells us;

“Arctic George loves swimming in the cold ice water. When he gets scared, he freezes into a cool dance pose to distract his enemies.

His favorite color is blue and he is best friends with all the fishes in the ocean.” 

Know what else is cool? These fun facts on the Arctic Ocean;

Did you know?

  • The Arctic Ocean is located in the northern hemisphere of Earth.
  • This is the smallest ocean on our planet. It only covers about 3% of Earth. animated-polar-bear-image-0014
  • The Arctic Ocean is usually covered in ice.
  • This ocean and region are home to polar bears, seals, whales, and walrus.
  • People live in this region as well. They include several cultural groups of Inuit, Yupik, Aleut and Saami people.

Thank you Allison for introducing us to Arctic George. He is one COOL critter!

If you have a picture, poem, or short story you’s like the world to see, click here for the details on how to do so.

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