I Need My Monster – Clever & Cute!

What happens when the monster under your bed takes a vacation? 44051342_10214509050093342_7619740551151091712_n (2)

Will a new one appear to take his place?

Will he have scratchy claws?

A loooong tail?

Will he at least be a boy monster?

Being picky isn’t the best way to keep a monster under your bed!

In fact, you might just SCARE them away!

I Need My Monster is a endearing twist on the old adage that monsters hide under our beds to keep us in them at night.

Written by 44053963_10214509050893362_504281030870433792_n (2)Amanda Noll this book is as adventurous as it is humorous.

The illustrations by Howard McWilliam are detailed, bold, and inviting.

Readers will want to turn the pages to find out which monsters can fill the bill of nibbling on those pinkies…

…are you ready to be scared into slumber?

Do you want your own copy of I Need My Monster? Check out Flashlight Press.


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  1. Would love to be considered for the awesome giveaway! The author is wonderful and I’d love to give my son a copy for Christmas!


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