The True Tale of a Giantess – Brilliant!

When Anna Swan was born in the farming community of Millbrook, Nova Scotia, people stared.

She was already TREMENDOUS! 44402470_10214542181041595_6496855414997516288_n (2)

Anna weighed 13 pounds – that’s almost twice what “normal” babies weigh.

By four years old, Anna stood 4 feet 8 inches tall. And she kept on growing!

When Anna reached seventeen, she stood close to eight feet tall, and weighed over 400 pounds!

However, while Anna grew, she wasn’t always accepted – being different from the other kids was hard!

Anna longed to fit in (and just fit) as other children did.

At the time, a man named Phineas Taylor Barnum was looking for amazing people that could work at his ‘Gallery of Wonders’ Museum in New York City – ere she would be billed as the ‘Tallest Girl in the World.’

44468216_10214542182881641_2050621037279707136_n (2)Not only that, she would perform in plays, recite poetry, and play the piano. She would also be able to continue her studies – education was essential to her and her parents.

Could this be what Anna had been searching for her whole life? Would she finally find a world that accepted her for who she was?

Find out in The True Tale of a Giantess.

Written by Anne Renaud, this story is told in the first-person, so you are drawn into Anna’s plight and life.

The illustrations by Marie Lafrance are soft and subtle, adding an old-time feel to the book.

Kids will love this real-life tale, especially those that feel they “don’t fit in.”

Do you want a copy of The True Tale of a Giantess? Check out Kids Can Press!

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  1. In kindergarten, a few of my classmates were of a decent adult height, including a couple of girls, but nothing like this!


  2. This book sounds really good and seems like it would have a great message for all! I’ve heard of this book, too, but I’ve never read it. My family would love it!


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