The Truth About Dolphins – Fact-Filled Fun!

Did you know dolphins may look like fish, but they’re not?

Did you know that Dolphins swim by moving their tails up and down? And that this mammal feeds its baby milk?

Dolphins are also found in every ocean and sea in the world – even the Arctic and Antarctic!

Dolphins are simply fascinating, so why not learn more about them in “The Truth About Dolphins?”

animated-dolphin-image-0011This “wildly” factual book takes your young learner on an underwater adventure with all things dolphin.

The cartoon dolphins and speech bubbles bring an anthropomorphic point-of-view that is both charming and hilarious!

Your kids will love learning about dolphins through Maxwell Eaton’s seriously funny facts about your favorite animal, the dolphin!

Grab your copy today at Macmillan Publishers!



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  1. Dolphins are amazing! I know I’ve seen them at zoos, but the only time I’ve seen them “in the wild” was when I took a ferry ride by Galveston Island.


  2. My 10-year-old daughter would LOVE this book! She’s in love with dolphins; they are her favorite animals. I would love to win this for her and make her happy!!


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