Where in the World is Reese?

Reese is on the move again. Where in the world is our wonder boy visiting today?

Here’s a hint;

This volcano is one of the largest on Earth.

Did you guess Mauna Loa in Hawaii? You’re right!

Even though you can’t tell from Reese’s selfie, this volcano was once very active. It erupted 33 times between 1843 and 1984. Scientists believe Mauna Loa is due to “blow” again.

Let’s explore Reese’s “hotspot” further;

Did you know?

  • Mauna Loa means “long mountain” in the Hawaiian language. animated-volcano-image-0010
  • This volcano stands 13,679 feet.
  • Mauna Loa is considered a “shield” volcano – when it erupts, the lava oozes out, rather than shooting up into the air.
  • This volcano’s last eruption, in 1984, spread lava across an area of almost eleven thousand acres.
  • Today, Mauna Loa continues to grumble. However, it is carefully monitored so no one is caught off guard.

Mauna Loa is one of five volcanoes which, together, make up the Pacific island of Hawaii – Mauna Loa is by far the biggest volcano! All of the Hawaiian Islands were created by the eruption of volcanoes from the bed of the Pacific Ocean.

Thank you, Reese, for showing us this volcano!

Where in the world is he off to now? Be sure to join us next week when Reese will explore another fun, fact-filled location.


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