Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – Make Us a Monster – Honorable Mention

Always Hungry Monster by Irene J. – Age 5

This hungry monster is super-cute. Irene wants us to know that;

“He is a very greedy and gluttonous monster. His hunger can never be satisfied. This hungry monster isn’t dangerous, although it can be very frightening to look at; he is just a silly glutton with a bloated abdomen, long fat arms, a wide mouth, and humorous red eyes.

He always open his huge mouth to eat everything in sight. His red eyes are bright and shining for the food. He has such a full stomach that he can hardly take care of himself.

Now, this silly, great monster is eating steamed-rice, French fries, candies, sausage, spaghetti, cherries, potatoes, and carrots. All his friends are watching his amazing appetite, their jaws drop a mile. 

Irene thinks that this silly, fat monster is not a good thing you want to encounter on your favorite snack run, but it might be a good idea to let him eat when you get a refrigerate full of leftovers…”

Thank you, Irene, for introducing us to the Always Hungry Monster!

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