Out of the Ice – Cool Facts!

There are massive ice sheets that have been around longer than modern humans. It 46326845_10214717654068311_2346498190385086464_n (2)froze around 2.7 million years ago!

However, as our planet warms up, these mighty glaciers are beginning to melt. And what is being revealed is exciting and astounding glacial archaeologists from all over the world.

Take a journey through time with Out of the Ice: How Climate Change is Revealing the Past.

This book takes the reader on a fascinating ride through time as archaeologists find new links to the way life once was here on Earth.

See Otzi’s body that was frozen for over 5,000 years and learn what his mummified remains reveal of his life.

46366248_10214717655908357_910284113267654656_n (2)Discover the baby wholly mammoth that is presumed to have stumbled into a mud hole 4,000 years ago and was perfectly preserved for scientists to study today.

Learn how the Greenhouse effect is changing our world to allow us to peek into our past and so much more!

Written by Claire Eamer and Drew Shannon, Out of the Ice is a fascinating book that will entice and educate both you and your young explorer.

It combines both illustrations and photos to further tell the tale of our warming planet and all she is hiding within her icy depths.

Check out Kids Can Press to get your copy today!



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  1. It’s good that something good is coming out of climate change–but thank goodness I won’t be around for the massive storms that will scour the surface of the planet!


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