Wild Buildings and Bridges – Awesome Info!

Nature has been designing and creating since the dawn of time. So why shouldn’t Architects look to nature to help them solve many of their own building problems?

Nature knows how to clean and save water. So, we created the Living Machine – a system used by some buildings in North America that can do the same.

Nature knows how to stay cool. So, we created a building that cools the air around it – much like the leaves on a tree does!

Nature also knows how to stay strong under extreme force. So, we created a building similar to the exoskeleton of the Venus flower-basket sea sponge!

What else does nature do that humans have used to design structures?

Find out in, Wild Buildings and Bridges!

This book is a fascinating look at some of the most unique and nature-inspired structures from around the world. Take a journey and learn how human’s are making a difference when they pay attention to what’s around them.

Author Etta Kaner does a marvelous job with presenting the facts in a fun and interesting manner, while illustrator, Carl Wiens, pictures show us the marvel of these structures.

Do you want your own copy of Wild Buildings and Bridges? Check out Kids Can Press. 

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  1. That cover is so cool! Architecture is one of the most interesting topics, so it would be fascinating to see its connections to the natural world!


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