Space “Snowman” Discovered!

A mysterious “snowman-shaped” space rock has been discovered by NASA’s New Horizons.

The rust-colored object was discovered in the Kuiper Belt. Scientists have named it Ultima Thule.

The pictures taken by the probe revealed the 21-mile long (33.7 km) frozen object is red and “looks like a snowman.” The space probe traveled 4 billion miles (6.4 billion km) to reach Ultima Thule.

Scientists now face the mammoth task of downloading and analysing all of the data captured. This process could take almost two years! But they do know Ultima is one of the oldest known objects in our star system.

Do you have 3D glasses? Put them on and view this special image of Ultima Thule. You should be able to see all of its nooks and crannies!


What do you think of this “snowman” dwarf planet? Tell us in the comments section!

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