Rooster Wore Skinny Jeans – Fashionably Fun!

Rooster’s package has arrived!

It’s his fabulous pair of dazzling skinny jeans. But what will the barnyard think of a rooster wearing these odd pants?

The comments may be flying, but Rooster finds a way to adapt to his unlikely fashion choice.

50404473_10215158071718477_8182647868432056320_n (2)You may know exactly what Rooster is feeling in this lively rhyming tale – who hasn’t made a “questionable” fashion fopa? However, Rooster’s way of dealing with his friend’s remarks are a wonderful teaching moment for kids of all ages.

Created by Jessie Miller and Barbara Bako, Rooster Wore Skinny Jeans is a fun, must-have book for any child’s home library.

Want your own copy of this fashionably fun book? Check out Maverick Publishing.

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