Storytime Sunday – Timothy Tickleskin The Itchy Titchy Mite

Written By Guest Author,

John Davies

Here in the warm darkness of your blankets at night, lies Timothy Tickleskin, that itchy, tichy mite.

He likes to get close to you, he likes to make skin creep. He likes to scratch and itch, so you can’t get to sleep.

He has lots of arms and legs and an awfully silly smile. That’s just part of his tickly charm and his haughty, naughty style.

He’ll tickle all around your nose and make you want to sneeze. He’ll tickle your toes til Chapter 1you lift the sheets, then you start to freeze.

He’ll tickle your ears til you scratch your face. He’ll tickle you madly all over the place.

He doesn’t have many enemies. He doesn’t have many foes. For Timmy tickles everyone, wherever Timmy goes.

But if you’re being tickled, you’re never really sad. In fact, you feel like giggling. He can’t be all that bad!

photoTim said to his mom one day, ”Guess where I have been? I’ve went down to London town to visit our great Queen.”

“I tickled the princes’ in their beds until they began to wiggle. I even tickled the dukes and earls until they began to giggle.”

When I left the Queen was pleased. She said, “we enjoyed your tickling spell. Come back soon. It was really very swell!”

“Then I went into a theatre to hear a fellow sing. I tickled all inside his throat til he couldn’tphoto (1) sing a thing.”

“He blamed it on a ‘frog-in-the-throat’ and the crowd began to laugh. And the man became quite famous, so I got his autograph.”

animated-nurse-image-0015“Then I went into a hospital to have a look about. There I saw a poor, sick man with a terrible touch of gout.”

“So I tickled underneath his arms til his sides began to ache. He laughed so loud the nurse scolded, Stop! For goodness sake!”

animated-frog-image-0002“Then I popped into a zoo nearby and cheered up a little monkey. I even tickled a sad lion and a frog that was feeling funky.”

His mom smiled with pride, then said, “your poor tired feet! You should get right to bed and get yourself some sleep!”

animated-cat-image-0421So Tim went for a long nap and woke with a happy skip. He then put on his hat, tickled the cat and left for another trip.

About the Author

John Davies is 71 and from Redditch, UK. He is married with five sons, and nine grandchildren. He and his wife, Pam, have been writing children’s stories for a number of years. Last year they met up with their illustrator, Mark Pettifer, who is also from Redditch.

Thank you, John, for sharing the adventurous of this Tickle Mite!

If you want to read more adventurous of Timothy Tickleskin, click here.

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