Horns & Antlers – The Goat

Welcome to our newest feature, Horns & Antlers. Today we discover all about goats.

Goats have horns. They are very intelligent and were one of the first animals to be domesticated.

They also belong to the bovidae family along with cows, deer, sheep, and antelope.

Check out these other fun goat facts!

Did you know?

  • Goats have four stomachs! These are called the rumen, reticulum, omasum, and thesei_6133957-e1523015063790 abomasums.
  • Male goats are called ‘bucks’ and so are baby goats!
  • Female goats are called ‘does.’
  • Mommy goats are pregnant for four months. They can give birth to two, three or even four baby goats at one time.
  • Baby goats can stand within a few minutes of being born.
  • Goats do not have any teeth on their upper jaws. They also have rectangular pupils. However, they have no tear ducts, so they cannot cry.

Fainting goats do not faint when frightened. It is a condition called myotonia congenita in which their muscles get temporarily paralyzed (about 10 seconds) when they panic. It is the reason why they fall over.

  • Different goats can bleat in different “accents.”animated-goat-image-0008
  • Goats are found all over the world, except Antarctica.
  • On average, goats have about 15,000 taste buds. And despite popular belief they won’t eat just anything. In fact, they can be quite picky.
  • Even though they may be finicky eaters, they are still known for their loud burps.  This is because rumen acts as a fermentation vat. The gas produced in the fermentation process escapes in the form of loud burps.

Goats are excellent climbers. They can balance and climb on rocky surfaces and even climb trees. Don’t believe it? Watch this video!

What do you think of this horned critter? Pretty cool, right? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

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  1. I am such a “smarty pants”. Just learned something new about goats on Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids “Horns and Antlers” feature – that “goats can climb trees!”. It’s true ’cause I saw it with my own little eye on the video. Every day is a good day when you learn something new. Thanks.


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