What Does A Radio Broadcaster Do? Interview With Adelle Davies

Today we have a very special guest. Adelle Davies, has joined us to talk about her exciting career as a radio broadcaster.

Check it out!

Q. What Does a “Radio Broadcaster” Do?

A. “A radio personality does all sorts of things. They can introduce and discuss genres of music, host a talk show (that may take calls from listeners), interview celebrities or guests, or give news, weather, sports, and traffic information.”

Q. What Type of Education/Training is Required to Work on the Radio?

A. “While there are no specific qualifications needed to become a presenter, the most relevant subjects to study are media studies, drama/performing arts, English, psychology and sociology.

I studied media and performing arts at college. However, I decided against going to University. Instead, I did an intensive five-day presenting course where I learned a lot of helpful tips.

Personally, I would say that experience is more valuable than education, because you learn far more on the job as opposed to in a classroom environment. Getting involved with community radio and hospital radio is the best way forward.”

IMG_0362Q. What is Your Show About? Who Do You Talk With?

A. I have my own radio show called “Delly’s Discoveries.” My show is all about discovering new talent, local events, and discussing interesting topics. On my show, I interview guests, introduce and play music, and encourage listeners to get involved, and have their say.

“I can talk with all sorts of people like singers, writers, and actors. It varies each week. If someone is doing something cool that they want to tell people about, their welcome to come on my show and talk about it.”

Q. Tell Us What a Typical Day at Work is Like

A. “After arranging a guest, I will spend time in the week preparing and researching ideas for the show. On the day of my show, I will arrive half an hour beforehand and go through with my guest what we will be chatting about and the questions I will be asking them.

During the show, I will do an introduction and introduce my guests, interview them and have a discussion with them about today’s topic. In-between I will play lots of songs and encourage people to text in and get involved.”

Q. What’s Your Favorite Part of the Job?IMG_0454

A. My favorite part of the job is getting to meet lots of interesting people, doing lots of cool things, and seeing how happy they are to share that with the listeners.

Q. Do You Have Any Advice For Our Young Readers That May Want to Pursue This Type of Career?

A. “Start a YouTube channel! It is a great way to practice talking to the camera. And you never know who might see it!”

Q. Anything Else You Would Like to Add?

A. “It is a very competitive industry and requires a lot of hard work, but if it is something you want to do then go for it and don’t stop until you get it!”

Thank you, Adelle, for sharing your awesome career with us!

Want to learn more? Check out Adelle’s Facebook page.

You can also listen to Adelle’s show online here. 

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