Drumheller Dinosaur Dance – Bone Rattlin’ Good Read!

Take your pint-sized paleontologist on a fun fictional journey with Drumheller Dinosaur Dance.

When the moon rises high, those dry dino bones transmogrify! The desert then becomes alive with dancing dinos!

53472741_10215483859902978_1666196231354843136_n (2)They pound their drums to a steady beat, while the dinosaurs dance and stomp their feet!

And even though all the grown-ups think the ruckus is a powerful storm, those tiny tots know its the Drumheller dance once again.

This original tale is created by Robert Heidbreder and written in perfect rhyme. The detailed illustrations by Bill Slavin and Esperanca Melo lend themselves to the overall adventure of dinos dancing in the desert moonlight.

Order you copy today from Kids Can Press.

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