It’s Submarine Day!

A sub is a vessel that dives the deep sea, 

Come explore fun facts with me.


Ballasts fill up to sink it down below, 

the propeller moves it fast or slow.

To find its way through the inky black, 

Subs use sonar – it bounces sound back!

animated-submarine-image-0030 (1)

A ping is heard – Hey, watch where you’re going! 

The Captain adjusts, so they keep flowing.


They travel along for science, salvage, or pleasure

They might even discover some sunkin’ treasure!


Open the ballast so the water shoots away

The sub rises to the surface – what a fun day!


Did You Know?

  • The one submarine that cannot go underwater is the submarine sandwich? It would get really mushy and taste disgusting.
  • In 1870 Jules Verne wrote the classic novel, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
  • Specialized submarines can reach depths of 14,750 feet (4,498 meters)
  • Nuclear submarines can hold up to 100 crew members.
  • The long narrow body of a sub is called the hull
  • When a submarine needs to see what’s going on above the water, they use a periscope. This is similar to a binocular-like eyepiece.  
  • The submarine has a “raised deck.” When the vessel rises to the surface, crew members can stand on the top of it.

Happy Submarine Day!


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