Storytime Sunday – “I Love My Lips”

Check out this silly song and story by “Larry.”

Larry’s song about his lips is silly. But here are five lip-tastic facts that aren’t silly.

Did You Know?

  1. No two pair of lips are the same. Those lines you see on your lips are unique to you!animated-lip-image-0008
  2. The skin on your lips is super-thin. The skin on your face can be up to 16 cell layers thick. Your lips? They only have from 3 to 5 layers!
  3. Your lips get thinner as you get older. This is because your body produces less of a protein called ‘collagen’ – collagen makes your lips plumper.
  4. There are millions of nerve receptors in the lips. This makes them sensitive to heat, cold, and touch.
  5. Our lips can’t sweat. That’s because they don’t contain any sweat glands.

What do you think about Larry’s silly song and our lip facts? Tell us in the comments section!

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