Much Too Much Birthday – Great Teaching Moment!

When Maud the Koala invites too many guests to her birthday celebration, it isn’t long before she realizes that more doesn’t always mean better.

9781524784454How does one small voice and his “stuffy” companion change Maud’s outlook for the day?

Find out in Much Too Much Birthday!

This charming tale demonstrates how having too much can be overwhelming.

As parents and caretakers, we want to make our children’s birthdays the biggest and best event of the year. However, for very young kids, and those that struggle with sensory sensitivities, these celebrations can be daunting.

Much Too Much Birthday by J.E. Morris, kindly deals with this subject matter in a fun, yet educational manner.

The illustrations are bright and engaging, allowing your child to easily follow along with the story, whether it’s being read, listened to or just looking at the pictures.

Grab your copy today from Penguin Random House.



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