CaveKid Birthday – A Mammoth Good Read!

The Cavekids were born in side-by-side caves, and on the same day, so they grew up the best of (cavekid) friends.

Naturally, these prehistoric tikes wanted to exchange gifts when their special day rolled around once again, but what could that be?

Layout 1Caveboy loved rocks and had quite the collection, so off he went to ‘Caveman’s Collectibles” to find a special present for Cavegirl. However, he didn’t have any money.

“Trade?” Asked the caveman store owner.

Cavegirl loved tools and had quite the collection, so off she also went to the prehistoric store. But without any money, what could she purchase?

“Trade?” Asked the caveman.

When the big day arrives, the two cavekids eagerly exchange presents. What will the children do with their new gifts, and how will they get their most prized possessions back?


Find out all the prehistoric details in CaveKid Birthday!

This charming tale will demonstrate the true meaning of giving to your little cavekids.

Written by Cathy Breisacher, the story marches along to it’s delightful conclusion. The illustrations by Roland Garrique are super-fun!

Get your copy today at Charlebridge Publishing.

It’s a Mammoth Good Read!


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