Storytime Sunday – My Grandpa is a Soldier

by, Jo Carol Hebert

My Grandpa is a soldier. He lives with us since he got hurt in the war. He has to stay in a animated-mail-image-0082wheelchair. Grandpa’s job is to get the mail every morning at the country store. My job is to push Grandpa’s wheelchair.

I say, “Grandpa, you’re like a snail,” and he says,

“Grandson, you’re like a cheetah!” (Cheetahs can run seventy miles an hour!).

animated-turtle-image-0198I say, “Grandpa, you’re like a turtle,” and he says,“Grandson, you’re like an antelope!” (Antelopes can leap and vault and bound and spring!).

Grandpa looks forward to his trip every day. He gets dressed in his Army uniform. He shines his shoes. He pins on his bright ribbons and shiny medals. He puts on his green cap.

“Let’s go!” he cries as he rolls down the ramp from the porch. “Are you ready to go to the mailbox across the ocean?” Grandpa asks.               

“Yes, Sir!” I say, saluting him like a soldier.

“‘Are you brave enough to go to the mailbox in the jungle?” Grandpa asks.

 “Yes, Sir!” I say, running to get my bow and arrows.

 “Are you strong enough to climb to the mailbox on the mountain top?” Grandpa asks.animated-bag-and-purse-image-0020

 “Yes, Sir!” I say, running to get my backpack.

We get across the ocean. We get through the jungle. We get over the mountain top. Then we get to the highway. Grandpa likes to roll down the hill to the country store.

He gets to going real fast. (Mom says, “Now, Dad, don’t you be rollin’ down that hill . . .)

We get to the store safe and sound. Grandpa likes to sit out on the covered porch watching the cars go by. He likes to talk to his friends about the “old days”. On the way back home, we stop to rest under a big oak tree.

animated-candy-and-sweets-image-0018Grandpa has chocolate chip cookies and butterscotch candy in the pocket of his wheelchair.

My friends call and say, “Can we come over and walk to the mailbox with your Grandpa?”

Sometimes I let them, but mostly I don’t because that’s my special job.

When Grandpa gets home, he is very tired. He takes a long nap in his room. Then he likesanimated-newspaper-image-0026 to sit on the porch swing and read the newspaper.

After supper, Grandpa has to go to bed early. He wants to get a good night’s sleep so we can go to the mailbox at the North Pole in the morning.        

The End     

In honor of those of you who serve…

We Salute You!

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