Emma’s Gems – A Truly Giving Tale!

Emma loves her Grandpa Phil. He always has coins in his pocket that jingle when he walks. Emma is always in a good mood when grandad is near, but not today!

Mom is making Emma share with Little Brother – Emma doesn’t like to share!

What does Grandpa Phil do?

With a pocket full of coins and three simple stones, he takes Emma on a walk with a very special plan in mind…

Emma's Gems 6 (1)

How does Emma react?

Grandpa’s generosity is contagious, and soon Emma wants in on her grandpa’s special gift of sharing and caring! Your child will, too!

Emma’s Gems is a delightful tale that will inspire your little readers or listeners to make their world a kinder, better place.

Written by Anne Renaud (author of The True Tale of a Giantess), this picture book is a must-have for any home library.

Grab your copy today at Peanut Butter Press or on Amazon.

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