Ankylosaur Attack – A “Chomping” Great Read!

What was prehistoric life like for the Ankylosaur? Find out in this stunning book “Ankylosaur Attack.”

60472723_10216012788365859_4961586094815576064_n (2)A young Ankylosaur awakens to a bright new day. He greets some Pterosaurs flying overhead then continues his search for his morning meal.

But wait! What’s that smell?

Young Ankylosaur spots one of his own species, but this fella is in a bad mood. He has an injured leg and soon roars a ferocious “GO AWAY!”

The junior Dino turns to obey, when suddenly there’s a crash and a bellowing roar! A T-Rex has emerged from the thick woods and she’s HUNGRY!

What will the two Ankylosaurs do now?

Find out in Ankylosaur Attack written and illustrated by Daniel Loxton with Jim W.W. Smith.

60831934_10216012788525863_8302362668694503424_nThis book takes your young reader on realistic journey with two species of dinosaurs; the smaller Ankylosaurus herbivore and the powerful meat-eating T-Rex.

The “battle” scene is dramatic and real enough to paint a picture of the struggles these smaller dinos would have once had to endure, but not so much as to be frightening to the young reader or listener.

The beautiful illustrations are picture-like in quality, with high-glossy pages that are sure to keep you involved to the very end.

A great read that intertwines a fictional story with facts about these intriguing prehistoric beasts.

Grab your copy today from Kids Can Press. 

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