Smarty Pants Pet Stars – It’s Freddy the Frog!

Today we have a very special guest. Freddy is our Smarty Pants’ Pet Star.
Here is what Rebecca (pet mom and author of Treasure Island Adventure) has to say about Freddy the Frog.

Do you know how long a frog can live? Neither did we. It turns out frogs can live an average of 4-15 years. So that would have been a good question to ask when our friends said, “Hey, do you want our frog?”

When Freddy came to live with us, he was at least 1 year old. That was 21 years ago!

In all that time, Freddy has managed to have some adventures. He escaped from his aquarium twice before we built a lid too heavy for him to lift.

He kept a trim froggy figure until we finally learned that he was a White’s Tree Frog or Australian Green Tree Frog, also known as a Dumpy Frog. That means he is supposed to be on the chubby side. So we increased his supply of fresh crickets and mealworms, and now he looks like the pictures.

We got him a fake stick and a taller aquarium, so he could climb like tree frogs are animated-frog-image-0030supposed to. We don’t get to see him do this very often, though. Freddy is nocturnal, so he sleeps all day. Then at night when we are sleeping, he comes out to hunt his crickets and do his acrobatics.

One more thing about Freddy: he doesn’t say “ribbit.” He has a very strange call like a low-pitched squeak mixed with squelching in the mud. Whenever he makes this noise, we run around the house trying to figure out where it is coming from before we realize it’s Freddy!

Do you have a Pet Star? Send us a picture or short video of your special pal doing something cute or amazing, and he/she could be featured on Smarty Pants Pet Stars. Details here.


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