Fashion a Flag Art Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who designed a flag for our Fashion a Flag Flash Art Contest – they were all AWESOME!

It was a tough decision, and we found we couldn’t choose just one winner, so we decided to have TWO winners!

Congratulations to Brycelyn’s “Doglandia” and Alyssa’s “Kinderland!”

Let’s explore these fun, make-believe countries and their flags!

Brycelyn B. – Age 7

Doglandia Flag

flagcontest (1)

Doglandia is a country where most people have dogs!

Brycelyn drew a bulldog for her flag because she wanted it to look like a mascot. The red stripes are because bulldogs are strong. The yellow stripes are because dogs are energetic. The white stripes are because her country would have mountains (she loves to visit the Smoky Mountains). Brycelyn also chose white stripes because her country would be peaceful.


Alyssa K. Age – 6

Kinderland Flag


Letter K is the first letter of her last name.
Pink, purple and blue green are Alyssa’s favorite colors.
Inside the letter K are portraits of her family members (dad, mom, a little brother, Alyssa and a little sister).

A car is for traveling, two palm trees are for going to the beach and a camera is for taking pictures. The sweets (popsicle, ice cream, lollipop, cake) and a watermelon represent some yummy foods that anyone can enjoy in her country.

A book is for reading, because Alyssa wants everyone to read every day. A slide stands for children’s playgrounds and parks.

Alyssa would also like to have lots of friends, so they can play ball together, solve puzzles, build LEGO, and share their toys with other kids.

Thanks to our winners for these awesome flags and their countries. They both would be super-cool places to live! 

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