Hubots – Robots Doing Human Activities!

Imagine a world where human-like machines live among us!

You may think this is some sci-fi movie, but roboticists are designing these special “beings” to help humans do things we cannot do and to help us in ways only a robot could do.

Like SAFFIR. This Hubot is made from heat-resistant materials, so it can put out fires aboard ships.

Atlas Unplugged stands 6.2 feet tall and can march long distances carrying heavy objects – perfect for protecting people in natural (or man-made disasters.

hubotsValkyrie (a.k.a. R5) can set up colonies on distant planets, like Mars.

Not only are there robots to do dangerous jobs, they are being designed to bring joy and compassion to people. Pepper is an empathy Hubot that can tell when people are happy or sad.

There are even robots that have talents like Myon the singing Hubot, and NimbRo-Op that can play soccer like a champion!

What else can these amazing machines do? Find out in Hubots Real-World Robots Inspired by Humans.

This book was created by Helaine Becker and Alex Ries and is available through Kids Can Press.

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