The Delicious Bug – The Value in Sharing!

When Willy and Wally (best friend chameleons) both snatch the same juicy bumblebug from the air at the same time, the once peaceful forest becomes chaos.

How will the annoyed friends deal with their dilemma?

There may be some slight name-calling.

There may be a tumble that turns into a full-scale battle. And, yes, the forest friends may 51aao7biqvL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_be getting embarrassed at these antics.

But when the bumblebug finally escapes their grasp, the friends find themselves in an even tougher predicament.

How will Willy and Wally escape the hungry crocodiles below? Find out in The Delicious Bug.

This adorable book takes your young reader (or listener) on an exciting journey. The lesson learned through the chameleons selfish behavior will be a lasting one.

Created by Janet Perlman, The Delicious Bug will make a valuable addition to any home library.

animated-lizard-image-0006 (1)Grab your copy today from Kids Can Press.

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