Tree of Life – We Are All Connected!

We are not alone on this planet. In fact, scientists have discovered and named 1,750,000 different species. If each of these species were represented by a leaf, The Tree of Life would be bursting!

Even though the tree is full, each branch, each twig, and each leaf is just as important as the other!

download (5)The Tree of Life has five main branches;

  1. Kingdom Monera – bacteria = 10,000 species
  2. Kingdom Fungi – mushrooms, yeasts, lichens… – 72,000 species
  3. Kingdom Protoctista – paramecia, amoebas, algae… – 80,000 species
  4. Kingdom Plants – flowering plants, ferns, mosses… – 270,000 species
  5. Kingdom Animals – from invertebrates to vertebrates to mammals – 1,318,000 species

Out of all these, human is the most destructive force. And only we can change that!

The Tree of Life by, Rochelle Strauss, brings us on a journey through the biodiversity of planet Earth. Learn how the smallest organism up to the largest can significantly impact all “leaves” on this wonderful tree.

The illustrations by Margot Thompson are the perfect accompaniment to this fact-filled, educational, and exceptional read.

Your kids will love this book! It inspires one and all to take a hard look at the world around us, so that we can change the effects we are having on the planet.

Grab your copy today at Kids Can Press!

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