Follow That Bee! – A “Bee-tastic” Good Read!

What will the five friends discover today? All about bees!

Take a journey into the world of bees with five adventurous kids and their neighbor, Mr. Cardinal. Learn as this helpful human sets up a bee-friendly garden, explains the bees’ needs, and how the inside of the beehive works.

follow_that_bee_The kids also learn what the bee looks like, why they perform a wiggle, waggle dance, and all about how honey is made. They will even get a “sting”

Ouch! That hurts!

After we discover all about the bees, your little learners will also get some cool information on how they, too, can “Bee a Good Neighbor” to our “buzzy” friends, by making a backyard “bee bath!”

Created by, Scot Ritchie, Follow That Bee is a wonderful book to help educate and entertain kids of all ages.

Grab your copy today at Kids Can Press!

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