Smarty Pants Fundraiser

giphy (2)We believe Smarty Pants Magazine shouldn’t be bogged down with advertisements. But to do so, we need your help! We are a not-for-profit publication, striving to bring kids of all ages quality content.

However, web fees are pricey and we want to pay more contributors.

To keep Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids ad free, we are asking for a small donation that will be put towards site fees, and paying our awesome writers for their quality work.

If you love what we do and want to help us with our endeavour, please feel free to donate. No amount is too small!


We APPRECIATE Your Continuing Support!



Smarty Pants Fundraiser



$10 of $500 Goal

Help us color Smarty Pants!

With each donation, we will add color to our logo. 

Track the progress to our goal of $500.00. The more color you see, the closer we are to keeping Smarty Pants ad free and full of awesome content!

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