It’s Friendship Day!

To celebrate this happy occasion, we’ve got a very special story for you. Check out how these four friends celebrate together in;

Little Mouse’s Sharing Meal,

by Christina Dorudian

Little Mouse walked into his kitchen and said to himself, “I would like to make a big pot animated-mouse-image-0382of my cheesy potato soup.”

As he peeled, chopped and measured he thought, “I should invite Gray Squirrel over to eat. He loves my soup.”

animated-squirrel-image-0022Little Mouse went outside and walked next door to Gray Squirrel’s house. He knocked on Gray Squirrel’s door. “Gray Squirrel would you like to come and share some cheesy potato soup with me?”

“Why that sounds delicious Little Mouse. I would love to come! I just baked some pumpkin nut bread. We can eat it with the soup.”

Little Mouse and Gray Squirrel thought that their friend Rabbit might like to join them. They went to Rabbit’s house and before knocking on the door animated-rabbit-image-0088they saw him in the garden picking vegetables.

“Hello Rabbit. Would you like to come to my house and share some cheesy potato soup and pumpkin nut bread with Gray Squirrel and I?”

“Why I would love to Little Mouse! I just picked some lettuce and carrots. I will make a salad to share.”

animated-bird-image-0421Next, the three friends went to Blue Jay’s house. Before they knocked on the door Blue Jay opened it and chirped, “Well hello friends! What a nice surprise!”

Little Mouse asked, “Would you like to come to my house with us and have a sharing meal?” Blue Jay beamed, “I would love to come. I have some fresh blackberries to share with all of you.”

Later the four friends sat at Little Mouse’s kitchen table to enjoy their sharing meal.

Gray Squirrel looked at Little Mouse and said, “It’s funny, I was going to just have a little pumpkin nut bread all by myself.”

Rabbit agreed, “And I was just going to have a lettuce and carrot salad by myself.”

Blue Jay added, “I was going to eat blackberries all alone.”

Little Mouse smiled at his good friends and said, “Everything’s better when you share it animated-mouse-image-0195with friends.”

The End

About the Author

Christina Dorudian is a writer, poet, and elementary school teacher living is San Diego, California with her husband and German Shepherd lap dog. She is also the mother of two grown sons.

Her writing has appeared in both the juvenile and adult markets including Highlights High-Five, Sparkle Magazine, Writers’ Journal, San Diego Writers, Ink Anthology, and Unincorporated: an Anthology. She has also written articles for local newspapers on topics such as Kindergarten Readiness, and Dog Park Etiquette.

Share some fun today with your BFF, or perhaps, make a new friend. Whatever you do, do it with love, kindness, and, of course, Friendship!

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