Special Paw: The Family List – More Than a Great Story!

Boston awakes to find herself in a strange place. Hunter, an adorable Beagle in the next crate, explains to her that they are in an animal shelter.

They quickly become friends. Boston soon learns Hunter has been in the shelter for four 46002337._SY475_months because he “hasn’t found the right family that matches his list.”

Boston is puzzled, but Hunter explains that she should make a list of everything she would like in her new family.

What will Boston dream of in her perfect forever home?

Find out in Special Paws: The Family List.

Created by Tracey Altman, Special Paws is an engaging picture book for kids of all ages. It demonstrates that every animal deserves the perfect home that will suit their needs, as well as their human’s.

The illustrations, by Joseba Morales, are bright and bold, and add to the overall appeal of this stunning book.

Special Paws was inspired by real-life rescue pups and proceeds from the sale of the book benefit animal shelters in the area.

Grab your copy today and help a pup in need. Special Paws: The Family List is available on Amazon.

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