Let’s Get Bugged Contest First Place Winner – Astronaut Bug!

By, Tammy L. – Age 11

Smarty Pants Magazine is all about the fun facts, so when Tammy presented us with Astronaut Bug, we knew this cool insect was our “out of this world winner!”

Check out what Astronaut Bug can do in Tammy’s own words;

“Astronaut Bug has a lot of Alien Friends. She uses the antennas on her space suit to communicate with her Alien friends, and it also helps her translate. She has all of her space supplies inside her backpack, for example her food, her toiletries, and her clothes. She has a very cool backpack. It can turn into a tent and she can sleep in it!”


We also asked Tammy what inspired her to create Astronaut Bug?

“Well, I really like space and NASA and all the interesting things about space. Like the black holes, and the planets. When I was thinking of what to draw, I was thinking of what I like, and if I could make a bug out of it. Then I thought of NASA, so this is what inspired me to create the “Astronaut Bug.”

Our second question is, why is this drawing special to you?

“First, I found a cool way of painting a galaxy background and my friends and teachers really like the way I did it. Second, I learned to study the dragonfly, because I didn’t know any bugs, so I had to search for some examples of bugs and study them.”

Thank you, Tammy, for introducing us to Astronaut Bug. She’s space-tastic!

Be sure to join us next Saturday when we will be featuring our second place winning bug, Needy-Needle Bug by, Jade, G.

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