Look Out! That Critter is Loaded!

You probably already know that animals in the wild have special abilities to keep themselves safe from predators.  

But did you know there are some that produce a slimy goo when they feel threatened? Others even explode when they’re scared.


These critters are loaded with some weird animal defenses!

Blood-Shooting Eyeballs


The Texas Horned Lizard has a creepy way of scaring away predators. This brown, spiky lizard can actually shoot blood from its eyeballs.  

The smelly stream of blood is mixed with a strong chemical that can launch up to 5 feet away.  

However, if this lizard has to defend itself more than once, it runs the risk of using up all its own blood supply.  

Hagfish Goo 

Imagine having the ability to produce a powerful goo every time someone bugs you. This B9315799551Z.1_20150108214850_000_GPL9K63JK.1-0is exactly what the Hagfish can do.

When this eel-like creature feels threatened a powerful chemical is released from its pores. Once this substance hits the water, it expands into a slimy, yucky-tasting goo.  

Goodbye hungry shark!

KABOOM Goes the Ant!



Malaysian Ants are very dedicated to protecting their colony. In fact, when these black and orange ants’ homes are under attack, groups of them will sacrifice themselves to save the colony.  

They do this by marching right up to the enemy and contracting their abdomens. The pressure on their tummies then releases a poisonous toxin which explodes with a tremendous force.  

Although they die in the process, the poison scares away the predator, leaving the colony safe and sound.

Weird Critters ‘Rock!’

Now that you know about these weird creatures, be sure to look out! These critters are loaded and ready for action!

What do you think of these animals and their defenses? Tell us in the comments section!

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