Let’s Get Bugged Second Place Winner – Needy-Needle Bug!

by, Jade Guo – Age 11

We think you will agree that Needy-Needle Bug is pretty unique. We sure did!

Check out what this cool insect can do in the artist’s (Jade Guo) own words;

imageedit_27_5488625682“The Needy Needle bug is a bug that flies around the world eating scraps of food left behind by humans. It makes a certain type of organic goo and stores it up inside its body.

Once the body is filled with goo, it flies around looking for wilting plants. If it sees a wilting plant, it flies up to it and pokes its needle into the center of the plant and starts shooting organic goo into the flower – this is so it can receive enough nutrition to re-live again. It is also glow-in-the-dark and uses radar to communicate with one another.”


Thank you, Jade for this wonderfully unique and very kind bug. Keep up the good work!

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