The Truth About Hippos – Fun & Funny!

Did you know there are only two kinds of hippos?

download (7)Did you know that hippos can’t swim? And that this animal flicks its tail back and forth when it goes to the bathroom?

Hippos are also nocturnal and don’t really like people bugging them.

Hippos are simply fascinating, so why not learn more about them in “The Truth About Hippos?”

This “wildly” factual book takes your young learner on an African adventure with all things hippo.

The cartoon hippos and speech bubbles bring an anthropomorphic point-of-view that is both charming and hilarious!

Your kids will love learning about hippos through Maxwell Eaton’s seriously funny facts animated-hippo-image-0059 (1)about your favorite animal, the hippo!

Grab your copy today at Macmillan Publishers!

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